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Sight 'n' Sound boasts an original and unique lightshow using a fully controllable DMX system of state of art projectors, moving heads, LED lighting, laser effects and (where permitted) a low level haze machine. A lot of our lighting now runs on 'Wireless DMX', which saves on installation time and avoids the need for long or complex cable runs.

DMX Lighting System

Our intelligent lighting system is able to operate in a number of ways. As well as disco lighting, our various projectors can produce our famous exclusive 'Heart' images for weddings and engagements. Our Light Bars can be used as washes or as an effect in their own right and prisms or faceted mirrors create multiple images over a large area. At a touch of a button they all transform into a totally synchronised lightshow to music.

Moving Heads

We also have over 20 DMX moving heads in black and white. They are totally controllable and can be mounted on podiums, hung on truss or free standing.


Ideal for venues with minimalist decor or marquees. They use very little energy and run cold, this makes them particularly useful around drapes or where there may be children. Our LED uplights are fully controllable allowing a number of static colours, fades, patterns or chases to be selected.

Stage Lighting

We have 10x PAR56 stage lanterns or LED PowerPars available for use with bands and live entertainment, along with three 4m x 3m starcloths, black drapes, tee bars, aluminium trussing and a followspot.


For smaller venues we use an RGB diffraction laser which produces a kaleidoscope of beams and images. For lager functions we can use up to 4 programmable colour laser heads for a totally synchronised show.

Mobile Nightclub

Add all our DMX lighting, moving heads, LED lighting, starcloths, drapes and hazer or low smoke to a giant 'square in the air' of trussing to create that full nightclub look and feel almost anywhere!

Venue Dressing

Using a combination of LED uplights & lightbars, projectors, lasers, starcloths and effects, we are able to make-over even the plainest room into something quite stunning.

Stage Lighting

Transform virtually any space into a fully functioning auditorium using trussing, stage lighting, drapes, starcloths, video projection and one of our PA systems.

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