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Light-up Lette​rs & Numbers Hire

Our exclusive 4' white 'halo' letters & numbers are a perfect addition to any celebration. 

Each unit can be set to one of 15 different dimmable colours or white via a simple remote control. 

Their unique silhouette design ensures they are not overpoweringly bright, so they are ideal for both day and night use. Believe it or not, some letters can actually give out too much light and wash out the whole room. As ours are indirectly lit in a range of colours and dimmable, they are much more subtle, particularly when lower light levels are required.

Their ultra-slim design and light weight means they can be installed almost anywhere with relative ease.

Each character occupies an area approximately 4' (1.2m) high x 2' (0.6m) wide and the base is 16" (0.4m) deep.

Great for weddings, landmark birthdays and corporate events.

LOVE Letters
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